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I've been an artist since my childhood in rural Minnesota. In high school, I tried graphite portraiture for the first time and fell in love. I went on to receive a BA from Augustana University and took Graphic Design courses at Art Institute International - Minnesota. I have since expanded my pursuits to include charcoal drawing, photography, and stained glass.

Fundraising is my 9-5 job and I am currently the Development Director at Stages Theatre Company. Past employers include Fox Advancement in Minneapolis, Virginia Repertory Theatre in Richmond, VA, and The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra in St. Paul. I've worked in non-profits since 2000 and that career path has allowed me the freedom to pursue my artistic passions.

I have many joys, including my husband, Robbie, my cats Franklin & Janis and dog Indie, being outdoors -- camping, hiking, or just observing, listening to a variety of music and making my own, reading fiction and memoirs, cooking and eating delicious food, watching good and bad cinema and theatre, singing karaoke, writing, acting, and traveling.

I am grateful to God, the first Artist, for giving me artistic ability, and to my family and friends for supporting and encouraging my creativity. Please contact me if you have questions about pricing or would like to talk about commissioning a piece.


yours truly

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