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I've been creating since my childhood in rural Minnesota. In high school, I tried graphite portraiture for the first time and fell in love. I went on to receive a BA from Augustana University and took Graphic Design courses at the Art Institutes International - Minnesota. In addition to graphite and digital design, I enjoy charcoal drawing, photography, and stained glass. I also dabble in theatre. Past professional credits include the Smoke on the Mountain trilogy of shows and Blue Ridge Mountain Christmas at Barksdale Theatre at Hanover Tavern/Virginia Rep, A Grand Night for Singing (pit orchestra), Quilters, Keep on the Sunny Side (x2), and Greetings! at Swift Creek Mill Theatre. Music is another hobby, and I'm always up for karaoke or learning to play a new instrument.

Fundraising is my 9-5 job. I am currently a senior consultant with Whiteway Miller & Assoc. in Richmond and Fox Advancement in Minneapolis. Most recently, I was Associate Managing Director and Director of Development at Virginia Repertory Theatre in Richmond, VA. Other past employers include Stages Theatre Company in Hopkins, MN and The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra in St. Paul, MN. I'm grateful my career path has allowed me the freedom to also pursue my visual art passions.

I have many joys, including my husband, Robbie, my dog, Indie, and the very best family and friends. I am grateful to God, the first Artist, for lending me artistic ability, and to all those who have supported and encouraged my creativity along the way. Please contact me if you have questions about pricing or would like to talk about commissioning a piece.

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