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MUSIC is one of my lifelong passions. My primary instruments are piano, harp, guitar, and flute, I am proficient with autoharp, banjo, mandolin, mountain dulcimer, and harmonica. I can also play upright bass in a pinch. I have an alto/mezzo singing voice and have been known to sing a karaoke tune or two. I also participate in the Twin Cities FaSoLa shapenote singing group. and serve on the Board of Directors of the Minnesota Sinfonia. Please contact meif you need music for any occasion. If I can't help you, I might know someone who can!

THEATRE is a more recent passion. While in Richmond, VA, I performed and played multiple instruments in several professional productions, including: the Smoke on the Mountain trilogy of productions at Virginia Repertory Theatre; Swift Creek Mill Theatre's production of A Grand Night for Singing; the Mill's production of Quilters (Richmond Theatre Criticis Circle Award nominee for Best Ensemble); the Mill's production of Keep on the Sunny Side, based on the Carter Family; and the world premiere of Blue Ridge Mountain Christmas at Virginia Rep. I do not have any Minneapolis/St. Paul area acting credits........yet!


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